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The main image above is a slide show that will walk you through the main features of Al-Motawif. You can use the controls to the left to control the slide show, such as pause, resume, backwards and forwards.

Welcome to Al-Motawif

Al-Motawif is a booking engine designed for travel agencies offering Umrah, Hajj and tours to the Arab middle east. Al-Motawif offers the following features:

  • Allows customers to customize their own Umrah package
    Customers can customize their own umrah package by selecting the number of days to stay in Makkah, the number of nights to stay in Madinah, the transportation, siteseeing tours, flights and optional services. The system will then give an instant quotation based on the hotel prices and commission.
  • Sell ready made packages
    For special packages such as Ramadan, Hajj and some umra packages, you can create ready to book packages. You will be able to enter the itinrary in detail, you'll have an option to attach flights and services that are included, or attach optional services that require additional payment.
  • Sell to agents
    You will be able to accept agent registrations, assign commissions to agents that would show on their booking price when they book on your website.
  • Allows customers to fill up and print their visa application
    Customers will be able to fill full passenger information and print the Umra or Hajj visa applications prefilled with their information. This will make a professional look with clearily printed information.
  • Gives your agency tools to request confirmation from the remote agent
    You will be able to send an automated request for confirmation to the Saudi agent. The Saudi agent can them login through his own special access that gives him tools to confirm a reservation as it is, or modify the hotels.

To see a full list of features, click here.

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